Safeway Inc. is developing advanced robotic control systems and power assist sensor systems.

Robot control system

The robot drivers and controllers are capable of utilizing hall sensors and encoders, and are adaptable to various communication methods and sensors. Moreover, they are equipped with an indoor positioning feature using UWB technology, enabling driver-following and autonomous navigation capabilities.


300W BLDC (12~48V)

 Applied Products

Mobile robots, mobility, etc



Joysticks, power assist sensors, switches, etc


-Accurate positioning and speed control
-Low speed control under 100 RPM
-Various I/F and sensors are applicable
Application sensor
Road cell, IMU, ultrasound, 2D Lidar

Power Assist Sensor System

The smart cart's power assist sensor system measures the force exerted by the user and calculates the necessary assistance power for the user. It provides push assistance when ascending and brake support when descending.

This system addresses the operational and responsiveness challenges of electric carts carrying heavy loads, facilitating easier and more intuitive control.

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