Safeway Inc. sells robot platforms, autonomous sensor solutions, and mobility platforms.

“Front-Wheel • Middle-Wheel, Small•Medium Robot Platform”

E-MOTION is a robot platform that can be used for various service robots. Various mounts are attached to the robot, so it can be applied to a wide range of environments such as factories, hospitals, restaurants, and laboratories.

Dimension (DxWXH)



150W 3-phase BLDC MOTER


Ultrasonic sensor (front and rear)




lithium ion 24V 9Ah 2
16x2 CLCD



4096 pulse/rev
입력 I/O
Power ON/Off, E-Stop
Maximum speed
1.0 m/s

Output power

12V, 19V, 24V

USB3.0, RS485

Bluetooth, RF

Driving time
8 hours (flat, no load)
Control mode
Speed control, Position control

Small and medium-sized line-ups


The robust mechanism structure

ROS Interface

Efficient and simple system configuration using the ROS interface

Sensor application

Simple and various application of sensor systems such as ultrasound, lidar, UWB, etc

Change top mount

Application of various robot services by changing mounts

Autonomous sensor system

Includes indoor positioning and user tracking (optional)

자율주행 센서 솔루션

UWB(Ultra Wide Band) Self-driving sensor solution using ultra-wideband wireless technology

UWB Sensor (DEV1001-DEV)
UWB Sensor (DEV1001-DEV)
3점 측위 이용방법
3점 측위 이용방법
“Indoor Positioning and Tracking Solutions Using DWM1001-DEV”

Indoor positioning accuracy less than 30cm


A robot that tracks the driver

Precision positioning(TDoA, TWR)

Precise positioning based on Time Difference between signals,

not traditional RSSI

A wide range of applications

Multi-purpose applications such as factory security, tracking of goods, and safety management

The stroller E-platform is a device that is mounted on a manual stroller and transforms it into an electric stroller. It can be replaced with a rear wheel replacement in a simple way and is currently applicable to RESTTE strollers of Safeway Inc. Currently, we are also developing a model that can be applied to strollers of other companies.


No gripping handle, Stop immediately
Wired controller for Safety

Abnormal status auto-stop function
Emergency stop


Intuitive handle grip manipulation
Easy attachment and detachment of the motor

Auto bouncing (Laboratory function)
Speed control & direction control


Payload 100kg

A portable battery (1.3kg)

Change the mode of operation (Force assist mode, Speed mode)

스마트 공항카트는 근력보조기술을 카트에 적용하여 화물을 운반하기 용이하도록 특화된 제품입니다.

또한, 2종의 전방 감지센서를 사용하여 장애물이나 위험을 감지하면 자동으로 동작을 멈추도록 설계되어 있습니다.


 ㆍ 근력보조 전동 주행

 ㆍ 전방 장애물 감지 및 자동 정지

 ㆍ 어플리케이션(길 안내 등)

 ㆍ 수화물 무게 측정

 ㆍ 보조 수납


 ㆍ 중량 58kg

 ㆍ 최대 적재 중량 100kg

 ㆍ 최고속도 4km/h
 ㆍ 사용시간 8시간

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